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How to clear Bitcoins in a crypto mixer?

There are dozens of Bitcoin mixers on the market. They have different mixing methods, sources of funds, and working conditions. Let’s analyze the purpose of using a crypto mixer and the advantages of the YoMix service. 

The popularity of Bitcoin

Until recently, cryptocurrency was popular in relatively narrow circles among mathematicians, specialists in cryptography, and innovative technologies. Today, everything is different. Bitcoin is a multi-functional financial instrument whose turnover is measured in hundreds of billions of US dollars and which largely dictates the future of the global financial system. Every year, digital financial assets are becoming increasingly widespread in various spheres of life and are rightfully considered one of the most promising investment instruments.

Is it possible to track a Bitcoin wallet?

Despite the many advantages of Bitcoin as an excellent option for making purchases or fast payments, transactions that will not appear in bank registers make it impossible to talk about its complete anonymity. Since any movement of funds into the Bitcoin network is recorded in an open registry, comprehensive information about all previously performed operations with Bitcoins is stored here. There is no confidence in the absolute confidentiality of transactions when paying for products in Bitcoins. A third party can track and analyze your actions. In addition, your wallet address is known to everyone with whom you have ever entered into a smart contract, which allows them to track the movements of your funds in your account.

YoMix for secure transactions

The best way to make Bitcoin anonymous is using an automatic crypto mixer like YoMix. A unique feature of this service is that the bitcoins sent by users for “washing” are mixed not with other users’ funds but with tokens taken from various cryptocurrency exchanges. Tumbler carefully checks all purchased coins using many innovative algorithms. After mixing, the “clean” coins are returned to their owners not in one amount but in random parts, making tracking them as difficult as possible.

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